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Note: The plate comes with additional mounting holes for different orientations of Arduino UNO.

This is super simple to use yet low cost base for Arduino UNO and any UNO compatible board such as CT-UNO or Maker-UNO.

The Acrylic base comes with the standard mounting holes for Arduino UNO, with four plastic stands(washer), four M2.5 Philip cap bolts, and of course the nuts too. The top and bottom layer of the Acrylic base is protected by a layer of plastic sheet which makes it look blurry. Is up to you to remove it or to keep it for continuous protection.

There is extra space at the side of Arduino UNO reserve for small breadboard such as 8.5x5.5cm prototyping board. You can mount/stick the breadboard by removing the adhesive protection sheet on the back of the breadboard. Please secure the Arduino UNO first before mounting the breadboard :) With both the Arduino UNO and breadboard side by side and securely mounting, it will help during experimenting with jumper wires and interface with external sensor or motors. Oh, did I mentioned It even comes with rubber bumper feet for the bottom layer of the Acrylic base, so the base will not move easily.

Tips: Please do secure the Arduino first, only continue to paste the breadboard.

Let's kickstart the Arduino project.


  • 3mm Acrylic base
  • Ready with Arduino UNO standard screw holes (3mm diameter)
  • Protected with plastic sheet (top and bottom)
  • Transparent
  • Compatible with Arduino UNO compatible boards
    • Arduno UNO R3
    • CT-UNO
    • Maker-UNO
    • CIKU
    • CT-ARM
  • Dimension: 83mm x 120mm
  • Space for small breadboard

Packing List:

  • 1 x Acrylic base
  • 4 x M2.5, 10mm, philip bolt
  • 4 x M2.5 nut
  • 4 x rubber stand/spacer
  • 4 x rubber bumper feet

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