10 alcohol sensors
Power requirements: 5 VDC @ ~120 mA (heater on)Detection Gas: AlcoholConcentration: 20-1000ppm Alcoh..
3 mm infrared receiver LED
This is a very simple, compact (3mm), infrared receiver/detector. These devices have peak wavelength..
3V-5.5V ultrasonic rangefinder module
Ultrasonic Range finder has been very useful in many electronic project. It is low cost and teaches ..
5 analog distance sensors (10-80 cm)
Description:The Sharp distance sensor is a popular choice for application and development that requi..
A Beginner's Guide to Simplifying IR Albedo Sensors
Maker Reflect is a tiny reflectance sensor which consists of an infrared (IR) LED that transmit..
Adjustable infrared 80cm sumo sensor x 2
If you are looking for an obstacle sensor with an 80 cm range, you should be on the right page :) Th..
Advanced, self-calibrating line sensors
LSA08 (Advance Line Following Sensor Bar) consist of 8 sensors pair. LSA08 is typically used for emb..
air quality sensor module-MQ135
Well, detecting air quality is getting more important as we need to take care the only Earth that we..
Air Quality Sensor v1.3
Low power consumptionHigh sensitivityTiny outlineResponsive to a wide scope of target gasesCost effi..
Alcohol Sensor Module-MQ3
The MQ-3 Alcohol Gas sensor can detect or measure gasses like alcohol. It is very sensitive to alcoh..
Automatic calibration of line sensors
Line following is an important application in robotics. It is being used in AGV (Automated Guided Ve..
CO alcohol and VOC gas sensor modules
Sensitive to multiple types of gas:COAmmoniaEthanolH2Methane, Propane, Iso-ButaneComes in module for..
Digital fiber optic sensor (red LED)
Brand: Hokuyo, JapanSensing ranges: 250mmOperating power: 12-24VDCLight source: Red LEDNPN output (d..
Encoder sensor modules
This is a very simple kit consisted of an optical beam sensor (opto switch, phototransistor) with th..
Flammable gas sensors
Power supply: 5VInterface type: AnalogPin Definition: 1-Output 2-GND 3-VCC SensorType: Semiconductor..
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