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The Li-Po battery usually comes with the special connectors that very hard for you to connect to your board directly because the battery is made for the RC applications. 

For makers and robot builders that wish to use Li-Po battery to power the boards or actuators, you can get this battery wire extension to get your job done within a second.

Key Features:

Very reliable and heat resistance wire (14AWG) that able to withstand up to 45 Amp current.


The red wire (positive terminal) is intentionally made shorter to avoid short circuit when the battery is plugged in with wires hanging loose.

You can choose to connect to other connectors you want, or just fasten it directly to the screw terminal on your board.

Note: the extra connectors showed below are not included.

Packing List:

1 x XT60 LiPo Battery Wire Extension 15cm - Male

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